My services.

Interpreting - Interpreting

I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at business sessions, meetings, conferencies, presentations, trainings...

I also offer accompanying interpreting, while accomplanying to museums, expositions, trade fairs, companies, cities, galeries, business trips.

Translations - Translations

I provide professional translation of common, as well as specialized texts, as contracts, presentation materials, manuals, catalogues, web pages, instruction materials, business correspondence, brochures, etc., from Italian to Slovak and reversed.

Other services - Other services

Other activities I provide are business correspondence, phone calls and email handling, administration, conference calls, private lessons, data processing, text corrections and other support activities related to Italian language.

About me. - Dominik Jakubickova

Ciao. My name is Dominika Jakubičková.

All the services are provided to public, individuals, as well as legal entities. For everyone who needs services from/to Italian.

I provide individual approach to every client. In case of date settled in advance I am ready to travel abroad.


December 2014 - Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language
January 2012 State Language Examination in Italian
May 2012 Private High School IP, Bratislava
May 2008 High school Centro Formazione Pordenone, Italy,
    specialized in business management, vocational certificate
October 2007 – May 2008 course in Italian language in CFP,
    evel advanced
October 2005 – May 2006 course in Italian language in CFP,
    level elementary



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